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Blue Community Program Coastal Sustainability Best Practices

  • Coastal Habitat Protection Featured Blog Post Coastal Habitat Protection Coastal Habitat Protection

    As the largest segment of the travel industry, coastal and marine tourism will soon see upwards of one billion people visiting these areas on a yearly basis, making coastal... More »

  • Coastal Habitat Protection - Mangroves Featured Blog Post Coastal Habitat Protection - Mangroves Coastal Habitat Protection - Mangroves

    Belize is my home and it lies on the coast of the Caribbean Sea. It’s the most beautiful place on Earth (I know everybody thinks their country is the prettiest but Belize... More »

  • Infectious Disease: A Threat to Tourism Featured Blog Post Infectious Disease: A Threat to Tourism Infectious Disease: A Threat to Tourism

    https://www.cdc.gov/zika/images/Zika_travel_plan_600x300.jpg What is the major threat to tourism? Over the years, the tourism industry has experienced continued growth and... More »

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Leadership & Governance for Sustainable Tourism: Last Updated on 2018-10-24 20:05:49 by Addaia Arizmendi, UNWTO    Tourism, as we all know, is far more than tourism alone. From infrastructure and communication to food production and transport, tourism’s considerable economic weight gives it the responsibility and the power to play a key role in the sustainable and responsible development of economies and societies. Delivering on tourism’s huge potential is the Mandate of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the United Nations’ (UN) agency responsible for the promotion of tourism’s many benefits on societies and the economy. Increasing tourism’s commitment to sustainable development is one of UNWTO’s priorities and, therefore, we are pleased to support this event. Tourism has been a sector of consistently above-average growth for eight straight years, with 1.3 billion international tourist arrivals recorded in... More »
PM4SD Summer School At Villages Nature, Paris France Last Updated on 2018-10-06 17:58:20      Register Now Primary Sponsors                                 Villages Natures is said to be the most sustainable tourism resort in the world.    It recently received the World Hospitality award for Best Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility Initiative. We have chosen to hold the conference exactly one year from its opening Inauguration to both celebrate the anniversary and learn about its progress one year later.                              The Conference theme is Leadership and Governance for Sustainable Tourism  The Conference will be a mix of presentations and experiential learning opportunities including: Presentations from Internationals experts on... More »
Best Practices in Tourism for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Conservation Last Updated on 2018-09-10 20:28:40 Tourism as an industry relies heavily on certain environments, landscapes, ecosystems, and animal and plant species to keep it a successful business; these are the main reasons people travel to tourist destinations. Because of this, tourism is the sector that should be the most concerned with preserving biodiversity, ecosystems, and landscapes. Major changes to the environment could negatively affect business. There are certain practices that I think are very important when it comes to conserving biodiversity, ecosystems, and landscapes. The most important in my opinion is developing biodiversity and ecosystem management systems to keep everything in check. First, businesses need to do a comprehensive review of their operations and how they are directly or indirectly affecting these environmental aspects through either their supply chains or the investments they make. Then they should... More »
Preparing your RV or tiny house to go off grid Last Updated on 2018-09-09 14:45:20 Another Rosebud Resilient Community Workshop premiering this coming Saturday, this one on preparing your RV or tiny house to go off grid. For that matter, the information can be used for any house (considering that a stationary house or apartment can really be considered an "RV without wheels" -- the basic principles are the same!). Come learn the DIY way to get through a period of power outages and shortages on gas and propane from people who live it every day! Register by email to rosebudcontinuum@gmail.com or on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1293638344102709/ More »
Tour de Turtles: A Race to Save the Turtles 
 Last Updated on 2018-09-06 20:55:35   Recently I attended Tour de Turtles event at Disney Vero Beach. Tour de Turtles is a 90 day race between sea turtles from countries such as Panama, Costa Rica, Bahamas, Cuba, Nevis and Florida, USA. Seventeen turtles were tagged this year with a tracing device so their movements can be followed each day. The turtle that travels the farthest in 90 days wins the race. Each turtle is also racing for a cause that will improve the likelihood of survivability of sea turtles around the world. Causes include: water quality, plastic debris, light pollution, climate change, harvest for meat consumption, commercial trawl fisheries, egg harvest for consumption, illegal sea turtle shell trade, commercial longline fisheries, invasive species predation, beach erosion, oil spills, and boat strikes. We arrived mid-day on Friday where we were greeted by Tic Toc  the alligator and... More »