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Blue Community Program Coastal Sustainability Best Practices

  • Coastal Habitat Protection Featured Blog Post Coastal Habitat Protection Coastal Habitat Protection

    As the largest segment of the travel industry, coastal and marine tourism will soon see upwards of one billion people visiting these areas on a yearly basis, making coastal... More »

  • Coastal Habitat Protection - Mangroves Featured Blog Post Coastal Habitat Protection - Mangroves Coastal Habitat Protection - Mangroves

    Belize is my home and it lies on the coast of the Caribbean Sea. It’s the most beautiful place on Earth (I know everybody thinks their country is the prettiest but Belize... More »

  • Infectious Disease: A Threat to Tourism Featured Blog Post Infectious Disease: A Threat to Tourism Infectious Disease: A Threat to Tourism

    https://www.cdc.gov/zika/images/Zika_travel_plan_600x300.jpg What is the major threat to tourism? Over the years, the tourism industry has experienced continued growth and... More »

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Sustainability and Earth’s Call Last Updated on 2018-04-12 20:21:23 “No straw, please,” I say to the waiter, committed to contributing one less bit of plastic to the burgeoning landfill or the Pacific garbage gyre. Can I trust the menu that indicates this seafood is “sustainably fished” or should I pull out my latest app to double check? For that matter, I wonder, can any fishing really be sustainable given the state of our oceans? A restaurant meal can quickly become a nexus of commitment and concern. (Are these tomatoes local? Free of pesticides? Were the workers paid a living wage? Oh, wait; they’re out of season anyway.) We’ve changed our light bulbs, switched to sustainable power, and drive a hybrid. And yet these day-to-day choices we make in the hopes of living sustainably seem not only confusing but woefully insufficient to the challenges of our time.   Sustainability is often defined as balancing... More »
Improving Protection of Coastal Habitat and Cultural Heritage Last Updated on 2018-04-11 21:22:26 Improving Protection of Coastal Habitat and Cultural Heritage Some people may think that its challenging to improve protection towards the issues that surround coastal habitats and cultural heritage. The thing is most people don’t understand that our oceans face detrimental effects that are leading to the demise of our coastal communities. Each one of our coastal communities plays a vital role in the area to which it belongs (12 Strategies to Protect Coastal Habitat & Marine Environments). Moreover, these coastal communities would benefit best by improvements toward the protection of coastal habitat and cultural heritage around the Tampa Bay area. Tampa Bay is home to hundreds and thousands of people that come through it each year. However, having so much traffic coming through the area can create more disruption throughout the surrounding environmental habitat. Thus, certain... More »
Clean Marinas & Coastal Habitat Protection Last Updated on 2018-04-08 21:59:47 Before coming to Florida, I was very interested in the ocean and always wanted to know what the ocean had to do with our lives. When I came to Florida, especially when I lived in Tampa for two years, I had a deeper understanding of the ocean. After I learned about sustainable tourism courses and learned more about the protection and planning of the ocean through the curriculum, I realized that our everyday life is so closely related to human protection of coastal ecology. For the marinas of coastal cities and how to protect the coastal habitats, I would like to talk about my feelings and suggestions. First, there are many terminals in Florida. These terminals are divided into a variety of different functions and use. In this sense, cleaning the terminals is not only for the health of the terminals, but also to ensure that our marine and freshwater environments are sustainable. future.... More »
Miami Mandarin Oriental's Waste, Waste and Plastic Last Updated on 2018-04-08 11:07:08          How many times have you traveled to another city? Or, how many places has someone you know frequented a new location? Think about the frequency you, a friend or a family member visited a resort, stayed in a hotel in the heart of a well-known city or maybe even left your guest room to walk a mere ten feet to a beautiful white sand beach. For some, the amount may seem innumerable. Now, think of the tourism industry’s six-hundred million tourists traveling around the globe each year. How much water, waste and plastic can be attributed to the use from a single tourist?      After researching into an array of hotels across the globe, it is clear that certain hotels uphold higher environmental practices as specific, goal-driven environmental plans and initiatives are listed. It was concluded that the majority of hotels did not list... More »
Sustainable Seafood Strategies Last Updated on 2018-04-08 10:46:49      The tourism industry can act as a double-edged sword. The attractions and attributions that generate the desire for tourists to participate in this industry, are the very same features that we are depleting and threatening. This behemoth of an industry can present great opportunities for individuals, occupations, and economies, but only if done so with an environmentally- sustainable mindset. Nonetheless, with a changing climate creating many uncertainties and a food crisis, it is of utmost importance that individuals act sustainably and utilize new technologies and strategies to shift traditional methods that are no longer relevant to a changing climate. With the depletion of resources, strategies must be employed to mitigate and ultimately eradicate inefficient agricultural techniques to combat the food crisis. Fortunately, there are many strategies that the... More »