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About the Blue Community Program

The Waves of Change Blue Community program was developed as a way coastal communities could put greater emphais on sustainble ocean issues that are of concern to coastal communities.

The Waves of Change campaign works closes with Friends of the United Nations, and the WHALE Center on issues of sustainability, disaster reduction, and promoting eco-friendly tourism as mitigating strategies for climate change and ocean acidification.


Friends of the United Nations

Founded in 1985, Friends of the United Nations (FOTUN) is an independent, non-partisan organization dedicated to increasing awareness of the United Nations' activities. Friends of the UN works with educational institutions, corporations, the media, the international governments and other organizations to inform and educate people about the U.N.'s efforts on behalf of peace, human rights, the environment, children, and responsible economic development.

Friends of the United Nations acts as a consultant to the United Nations Department of Public Information. Through our expansive network of resources, we help the U.N. distribute its messages by:

  • Holding briefings about U.N. activities for opinion-makers helping U.N. agencies develop outreach programs.
  • Informing and educating the general public about U.N. programs and initiatives.
  • Connecting individuals, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) on U.N. issues.

The Friends of the U.N. mission is to encourage individuals to learn about the U.N.'s efforts and be inspired to help the U.N.'s goals.

To learn more about Friends of the U.N. Click Here 


Waves of Change

The oceans are under increasing threats from pollution, overfishing, impacts of climate change including coral bleaching, ocean acidification, and increased storm intensity.  The Waves of Change campaign is responding to these issues with ocean clean up programs, improving ocean literacy, supporting ocean champions, ecosystems restoration, and programs to adapt and mitigate the impacts of climate change


Unless policies for protection of the oceans and promotion of ocean sustainability are increased, coastal cities are likely to experience adverse impacts.


The good news is that every city has the opportunity to do its part to reverse current trends.  Every community has its own unique challenges and opportunities to become a Blue Community. 



The Waves of Change Blue Community program has developed 12 criteria to qualify as a Blue Community.  There is an opportunity to be further recognized at silver, gold, and platinum levels.  No matter where your community is now, the important thing is to begin the process by making a commitment to protect the ocean sustainability and then to begin action on that commitment. 

To learn more about the Waves of Change campaign  Click Here










The WHALE Center is a not-for-profit organization that has decades experience in educaton, training, and leadership development in the areas of sustainability, values, and ethics/


It has provide several international programs including the International Days Series through its Global Healing Initaiative, sustainabiltiy and ethics programs for the Salt Lake Olympics, and collaborated with UNEP to develop a leadership development program with the UNEP publication Earth and Faith: a book of reflection for action.  This program was recognized both with an Olympic Award and an award at the U.N.


  For More info on WHALE Click Here


The Waves of Change campaign, a program of the International Ocean Institute, has developed the Blue Community program with specific strategies to lower carbon emissions, increase sustainability, improve disaster reduction and enhance economic development through eco-friendly tourism.

Friends of the United Nations connects relevant United Nations programs and expertise for other organizations and the general public. It provides education related to U.N. efforts such as sustainability, disaster reduction, and economic development.  

The WHALE Center works to facilitate healing of individuals, communities, and the Earth through cooperation with Others.

The Blue Community program is being developed by the Waves of Change campaign, with assistance from the WHALE Center, and Friends of the U.N., in consultation with experts from around the world. These groups are collaborating to bring the best Blue Community practices and strategies for the specific needs of Caribbean nations and the Gulf Coast States of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida.

Walt Disney World has provided a model as to how they became both more sustainable and more profitable and implement the strategies of best Blue Community practices.  

Walt Disney Company recently set a corporate goal to reduce carbon emissions by half by the year 2012 and then to become a net-zero carbon emission company.

Newsweek's Green Rankings has listed Walt Disney Company in the top 100 of the 500 largest corporations in being "green".   In the subcategory of Travel and Leisure it was ranked #3 and of all the hotels and resorts it was ranked #1.  In the Internatonal rankings it is ranked #1 in its category.

As the most visited tourist destination in the world along with their commitment to sustainability, disaster reduction and eco-friendly tourism, Walt Disney World provides a good model for best Blue Community practices.

See:   http://greenrankings.newsweek.com



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