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Ocean Acidification & the Threat to Tourism Last Updated on 2014-10-08 17:08:38 Ocean acidification is a threat facing the world today, as well as threatening tourist destinations along coastal areas. High CO2 concentrations and nonpoint source pollution (or runoff) are the main contributors to the excess acid in the ocean. Oil spills, fertilizer and pesticide runoff from agriculture are the main factors comprising nonpoint source pollution which acidify the waterways. According to a National Geographical article from 2011, “Ocean acidification adds yet another threat, one that may be less immediate but ultimately more devastating to hard, reef-building corals. It undermines their basic, ancient structure—the stony skeleton that's secreted by millions upon millions of coral polyps over thousands of years,” (Kolbert). As mentioned, a decline in coral reefs does undermine their structure and basic function. It also undermines the food web that... More »
Plastics and Californian Marinas Last Updated on 2013-03-24 22:48:30   It has been said that marine debris is a persistent and often overlooked coastal management issue with wide-ranging impacts. Due to the overwhelming amounts of plastic found in the Pacific Ocean, one can only imagine how important marine debris management programs are to California marinas. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is composed of marine debris that has accumulated off of the Californian coast-- the debris  threatens the lives of many fish, coral reefs, mammals, and birds. Twice the size of Texas the garbage batch has been formed over time from land pollution— 80% of the plastic found in the gyre comes from land sources. A healthy Pacific Coast consists of sustainable aquatic, human, and wildlife habitats. Because debris threatens an array of ocean and costal habitats, it is important that clean marina initiatives mitigate pollution. “From our... More »
Sign up for the Blue Community Conference Last Updated on 2010-08-19 00:00:00 Blue Community Conference Strategies For the Caribbean Region and Gulf Coast States   Learn Best Blue Community Practices at  Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida USA May 3-6, 2011   At the Blue Community Conference 2011, you'll interact with celebrated sustainability, disaster reduction and economic development leaders, innovators, and change-agents. Learn best Blue Community practices, critical knowledge, and develop winning partnerships to prepare your company or community, for a world where people, profits and the environment are uniquely interconnected. The conference is brought to you by the International Oceans Institute Waves of Change campaign, Friends of the United Nations and The Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce.     Early Bird Offer Expires December 31, 2010   The Conference is being held at the Walt Disney World Coronado... More »