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6. Reduce Use of Plastic

Plastics are an increasing problem in the oceans.   They make up about 90% of the pollution of the oceans including the Pacific Gyre that is a collection of swirling plastics in the Pacific Ocean twice the size of the state of Texas.


  • Litter the landscape,
  • Kill birds and marine life.
  • Are non-biodegradeble.
  • Require petroleum to produce

Some best practices to reduce the use of plastic include:

  • hotels and food and beverage catering using biodegradeble dinnerware and tableware.
  • Seaworld’s eliminating the use of plastic bags in its retail stores
  • Patsong Hotel Association & Thailand Tourism Authority program to encourage use of canvas bags
  • Cities and States taking action for plastic bag reduction

Walt Disney World provides some examples for reducing plastic that include:

A policy to eliminate the use of bottled water with employees wherever possible

  • Promotion of reusable water bottles instead of plastic water bottles at conferences
  • Al retail plastic bags made with 100% recycled content plastics
  • Refillable beverage mugs are made available to guests at resorts
  • No plastic drink lids or straws are allowed at any of Disney's three coastal areas of Vero Beach, Hilton Head Island, or Castaway Island
  • Biodegradeable straws are used at the Disney Coastal resorts and the Animal Kingdom
  • Branded resuable shopping bags are available at all merchandise locations as an alternative to plasic bags
  • Cast members encourage guests to reuse existing bags and consider purchasing reusable bags available at many retail outlets.  Additionally, all plastic bags used at Disney must now contain messaging that describes the environmental attributes of the bag and inspires reuse and recycling in lieu of disposal.

   Walt Disney World® refillable cups offered to guests on left

   Reusable canvas bags above.

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