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Future's Workshop With Joe Tankersley Last Updated on 2018-03-29 15:34:39 Futures Workshop This interactive workshop will introduce participants to the tools of strategic foresight and share methods for using futures thinking as a way to create more robust strategies for sustainable tourism. Strategic foresight traces its origins to the work of systems thinking pioneers like the Rand Corporation in the days following the second world war. The same techniques were further developed by NASA’s Futures Team in the early 70s as a way to help the organization reimagine its future after the end of the Apollo program. Since then futures teams have been created for global businesses, national governments, and nonprofits. As we enter an era of ever-increasing uncertainty and accelerating change, futures teams and foresight thinking become even more important. The unique approach helps to broaden participants’ horizons, overcome hidden biases, and... More »
PM4SD International Certification August 19-23 Last Updated on 2017-11-26 15:58:08 PM4SD (Project Management For Sustainable Development) program that will be offered for the first time in the United States, August 19-23 at the USF Patel College of Global Sustainability. Key features of the training include:   First proven methodology and qualification for designing and managing tourism projects with success. The methodology is based on PRINCE2® (Projects In Controlled Environments), a structured method for effective project management, the de facto standard used extensively by the United Kingdom Government and widely recognized and used in the public and private sector worldwide. Certificates for successful completion of the course are issued by AMPG International   The PM4SD Program PM4SD - Project Management for Sustainable Tourism is the first methodology and qualification for designing and managing tourism projects with... More »
The sustainable tourism in Switzerland Last Updated on 2017-10-04 15:55:36 Nowadays, tourism has become a very popular entertainment item. “98.8 million people traveled to China in 2015 for tourism, business, or work. 56 million foreign tourists came to China in 2014, and total inbound tourism numbers have held basically steady from 2007 to 2014.” (Gavin, 2017) “The nation’s top 15 ports of entry welcomed 81 percent of all overseas visitors in 2012, while the top three ports alone -- New York, Miami and Los Angeles -- accounted for 39 percent of total foreign arrivals.” (Mark, 2013) According the report that the consumption of foreign tourists is twice as much as ordinary tourists’ consumption in USA. average oversea visitors in American spent $3240. These numbers tell us tourism can take social and economic benefits to every country. As a result, how to maximize the benefits meanwhile protect environment become a matter of... More »
Geotourism on the Right Track Last Updated on 2016-03-11 19:46:19       Geotourism Site on the Right Track   For many people, geotourism sparks images of the Grand Canyon or Yosemite. These sites have become monsters for mass geotourism. While these destinations are beautiful, they are often degraded by the tourism itself. The sheer number of visitors to these destinations has taken away from their splendor. The Grand Canyon and Yosemite of today have little resemblance to how they looked when Native Americans first set eyes on them. The idea of appreciating the beauty and power of nature have been forgotten by many in our society. Today people visit these areas to cross it off their “bucket list”. I thought it would be nice to take a moment and explore a natural wonder that is not as well known or as likely to be trampled over. I have decided to discuss Mt. Adams in Washington. It is known to be the least... More »
Donate to the WHALE Center Last Updated on 2015-09-19 13:50:34 Please consider a contribution to the WHALE Center. With your help our programs can grow even stronger.   Whether it is an international initiatiave such as Global Healing, an interfaith program such as URI, a program to support sustainability such as UPEC, or a humanitarian effort such as the Southern Sudan Eduation Project, a program to protect the oceans such as the Waves of Change campaign, the WHALE Center is making a difference in the world. We thank you for what you do to create a better world as well. The WHALE Center's Mission is to facilitate healing with individuals, groups, communities, nations, and the Earth in cooperation with others. We hope you will find a way to participate in one of our programs. WHALE is a 501 (c) 3 organization and contributions are tax-deductible as much as the law allows. Your donation on your credit card will show up as a... More »