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Sharon Joy Kleitsch


Sharon Joy Kleitsch, Principal of The Connection Partners, Inc., is a meta-networker, weaving local with global initiatives by sharing what’s emerging and what’s working. She has synergized her management and executive experience at Citigroup and a Masters in Spirituality with the application of systems thinking. Sharon Joy inspires communities, organizations and individuals to partner in conversations that matter, leading to actions that make a difference.

Sharon Joy has a unique vision for seeing potentials and engaging others to explore action-oriented solutions. She entices key leaders from their organizational silos to play in a sandbox of possibilities. Heart-centered communications arise, shaping conscious collaborations to address concerns such as economic development, health, education and the environment. Life is relationships – with others, with situations, with ideas, and primarily with one’s self. Relationships change the world.

Sharon Joy is recognized internationally as a leader in organizing and facilitating small and large group processes. With over 35 years of experience, she knows the benefits of strategic conversational models
 that lead to stated outcomes. They include the Art of Hosting, World Café, Appreciative Inquiry and Open Space. She has facilitated these groups for over 15 years, co-creating environments to practice being fully present and authentic.

Sharon Joy connects the right information at the right time, thinks critically, and suggests important recommendations wisely. Evolutionary biologist E O Wilson calls such unique individuals synthesizers. She holds a masters degree with theologian Matthew Fox from Holy Names College in Oakland CA and was recognized as the outstanding sociology graduate at the University of Missouri- Columbia.