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Vince Albanese

Vince is an innovator and successful serial entrepreneur whose skills span decades of success andcutting edge innovation. He is Founder and CEO of Haven Health Solutions, focused exclusively on delivering enterprise-grade healthcare blockchain solutions.

Haven Health Solutions is a blockchain services company that offers the only healthcare digital asset management and tagging software that creates a “Swiss Wall” to shield all parties from risk related to the exchange of sensitive information. Haven Health enables organizations to build and deploy new and innovative applications ingrained with security and set standards offering speed and data integrity. Haven Health is delivering world renowned expertise in digital asset management and tracking technologies yielding measurable, sustainable results that have a direct and immediate impact on the healthcare industry. With Haven Health’s unique technology and approach, proprietary data is shared without needing to be moved – it can stay with its owner. Haven Health provides an unparalleled level of cooperation and disclosure. In the end, intelligent people augmented by analytics, band together for improved quality and reduced costs.

Vince is also chair of the board of Medscient is a Trust Services Broker.  Medscient is built to facilitate healthcare commerce. It creates Trust Indicators stored on the blockchain that allow separate parties to execute transactions managed by Smart Contracts. We're privileged to be working with the Delaware Blockchain Initiative, the Medical Society of Delaware and other healthcare partners in the State.

Vince is co-founder and chair of the Board of the Green Armada Foundation.   Green Armada was founded as a Charity with cousin Mark Maksimowicz and brother Jeff Albanese dedicated to protecting the quality of Tampa Bay's fragile marine ecosystem. Earned People Magazine's Heroes of of the Month and then People Magazine's Heroes of the Year in 2007. Reader's Digest Heroes of the Month and CNN Heroes. Interviewed by Katie Couric and NBC national news. The Charity today focuses on use of the blockchain in promoting the use of data stored on the blockchain to facilitate trusted relationships.


Watch Video of Vince speaking about his involvement with the Blue Community