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8. Promote Sustainable Seafood

The oceans are being overfished at rate 40% than is sustainable.

Promotion of sustainable seafood has many benefits including:

  • Seafood is generally low in fat and high in Omega 3 making it a health choice.
  • Seafood uses far less carbon emissions than grain fed beef.
  • Making the choice for sustainable seafood promotes a market demand choice that changes the way fish are caught and farmed around the world. 
  • A sustainable seafood choice is a vote in favor of protecting the oceans.

There are many simple ways to begin promoting sustainable seafood.  Walt Disney World is a model for beginning this process through the following examples.

  • Annette Grecchi Gray, Chef de Cuisine at the Animal Kingdom Lodge Jiko restaurant won a Seafood Champion award for finding ways to replace non-sustainble fish choices with sustainable ones and promoting the concept throughout Walt Disney World
  • Aquaculture at the Land Pavilion provides sustainable seafood for the Coral Reef and other Walt Disney World® restaurants
  • The Wave Restaurant offers a "Sustainable Seafood Choice of the Day".  This action in turn creates awareness of sustainable seafood to guests each day.

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