Plastic bag ban: A paper bag for Shamu

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Source: LA Times
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Sea World San Diego has announced that it will stop putting visitors' purchases in plastic bags. Starting in June, it will offer paper bags, or the option of buying a reusable bag, its step toward diminishing -- or at least not adding to -- the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a vast area of degraded plastic in the ocean about the size of Texas. It's not good for sea life, and there's another huge patch in the Atlantic.

Of course, that's a drop in the ocean compared with the 120,000 tons a year of carry-out plastic bags that California generates. But if Sea World uses its new policy to educate visitors -- maybe with some print on those paper bags explaining the damage caused by the plastic variety -- we might see some new support for banning most carry-out plastic. That's something the Legislature should have done last year.

Now, if Sea World really wants to get serious about being kind to ocean life, how about ending its orca breeding program?



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