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Wyndham Deerfield Beach Resort

Just steps away from the beach, the Wyndham Deerfield Beach Resort contains 172 guest rooms and suites, three restaurants, an Italian gelato shop, an oceanfront pool and whirlpool, over 4300 square feet of flexible function space, and a state of the art fitness center. The flexible function space can be used for corporate and social functions, ranging from company meetings or rallies to beach wedding ceremonies and receptions. The rooms are equipped with floor to ceiling panoramic beach views (as long as you are staying on the eastern side), complimentary internet access, flat screen televisions, a miniature refrigerator, and plush beds. The hotel is conveniently located near the International Fishing pier, shops, restaurants, and golf courses. The Resort boasts many amenities and provides a range of services to cater to leisure and business travel, and as a member of Wyndham Worldwide, the hotel is “committed to continuously improving and sustaining our low environmental impact.”

Following the Wyndham Green program’s guidelines, the Resort works to reduce water usage, minimize waste, and reduce energy consumption, while also working with the Deerfield Beach community, educating their employees, and driving innovation. However, these efforts are not immediately obvious when one tours the grounds. In the lobby, there are only trash receptacles without a recycling bin in site. The convenience store in the lobby is stocked with snacks and beverages, all in plastic single use containers. Single use coffee cups, cans of soda, and bottled water and Gatorade that will be bought, used, and disposed of in the trash since there isn’t recycling readily available. The lobby restrooms are equipped with automatic flushing toilets and very artistic sinks that must be turned on and off by guests, rather than being on a sensor system.

Inside the guestrooms, there’s much to be improved as well. On top of the convenient miniature refrigerator, there’s a personal coffee maker and two bottles of water as a “welcome gift.” While there are glass cups for the coffee machine, there are also typical single use cups that will be thrown away, since there is no recycling available in the room either. The premium coffee grounds provided are also in plastic packaging, just another piece of plastic that will end up in the garbage. In the bathroom, there was not a noticeable placard or other sign suggesting to guests that they could reuse towels in an effort to help the hotel save water; this is a simple addition that can be made to help cut the hotel’s water use and also brings it to the guests’ attention. The shampoo, conditioner, and soaps provided in guestrooms are also wrapped in paper-based boxes, which also contributes to waste generated on site.

Wyndham Worldwide and the Wyndham Green program have made “a significant investment in exploring and adopting innovative sustainable practices,” there are changes that can be made at the Wyndham Deerfield Beach Resort. Providing guests with, or the option to purchase, “souvenir” reusable cups or bottles would be a great place to start (and has an additional benefit of being a marketing opportunity for the Resort), instead of offering single use cans and bottles. Recycling bins could also be made readily available in the common areas, such as the pool and lobby, and in guestrooms for instances where plastic bottles or packaging is used. The Resort could also install water conservation signs in guest rooms to help reduce the water usage, which also spreads awareness about water use and conservation to guests. In lobby bathrooms, installing sinks that have automatic on/off sensors would also reduce water use. These are just a few simple changes that the Wyndham Deerfield Beach Resort could make that would have a significant impact on reducing their waste, plastic, and water use.



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