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The Sustainable Development Goals bring new challenges and opportunities for the tourism sector, but we need a next step for transforming the way tourism projects and destinations are managed, funded and made sustainable.

The Blue Community Consortium is pleased to participate in the new online training course on PM4SD (Project Management for Sustainable Development)*, which offers proven tools for managing tourism projects more effectively, using the internationally-recognized PM4SD methodology.

This is your chance to be trained in the PM4SD methodology in the flexible and accessible online format, and to pursue the official PM4SD professional certificate (accredited by APMG International). As a member of our network, you can also take advantage of the special Blue Community Partner rate (€70 off the regular rate).

If you’d like to join the upcoming course (PM4SD-1801: Feb 19 - March 16), please see this course page, click on “Attend Course” and enter the discount code: PM18PCGS

Several of our Blue Consortium members attended this course last Summer and found it very valuable. We hope you will give it serious consideration.

*PM4SD has been developed by the Foundation for European Sustainable Tourism (FEST), and accredited by APMG International. The new online training courses are offered by TrainingAid and Jlag Europe. To learn more about the PM4SD methodology and training, see this page for detailed information.








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