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Visited to the TOWNPLACE Suites

Visit to the TOWNEPLACE Suites



Last week I had visited the Hotel in Tampa, which is the part of the Green Lodging program. The reason why I choose this hotel is that I have done a project last semester with them and I think the Towneplace hotel is the best research object to study what methods they have been used to reduce their waste management, water management and how they treat their plastic waste. I think this hotel has enough knowledge about the basic sustainable methods and I want to see how they come up with these issues.

First thing I find this hotel has a complete systematic waste recycling system, first and foremost in their lobby, where breakfast is served to a large number of sorting trash bins. In each trash can have a clearer name to help guests classified. Also, they have the plastic recycle bin and they encourage customers to classify their daily garbage, which can save more human resources. Also, they can track their daily waste online provide by public track website. The manager told me all dishes and bowls used by the hotel are made of recyclable materials which means they don’t have any waste problem in this part, and the newspapers they provide

in the lobby are also made of recyclable paper.The hotel also retains the cartons they have stockpiled for reuse, and in the recycling of waste plastics, they join the government's plastic recycling program to regularly recycle plastic waste. In order to facilitate the customers to recycle the rubbish, they have the same trash can set in every room besides the trash cans placed in the hall. They also set up a lot of promotional slogans in each room to help customers popularize sustainable relevant knowledge and hotel's efforts in this respect. The hotel did not provide breakfast because they felt it would waste unnecessary food and they encouraged guests to prepare their own food. Although the hotel did not give up on plastic tableware, they explained that they would donate these to other remote areas to help reduce the pollution caused by plastic.

In terms of water conservation, the hotel uses daily water usage tables to make employees more intuitive about daily water consumption, and based on the table, they determine the date of each room's cleanup. At the same time, they also have slogans to prompt guests, they can choose to want to clean the towels, etc., guests only need to be cleaned on the floor there will be staff to be recycled, so you can reduce unnecessary cleaning, indirect savings Cleaning water consumption.

Through these hotel's measures, I think it is a good way for guests to decide whether they need to clean their towels to save water. Unfortunately, they did not use bottom-flow faucets, which will help to save more water. The hotel did not make any contribution to the use of the plastic pipette, I think as a hotel in Tampa attractions, due attention to measures in this regard.















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