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Clean Marinas & Coastal Habitat Protection

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Before coming to Florida, I was very interested in the ocean and always wanted to know what the ocean had to do with our lives. When I came to Florida, especially when I lived in Tampa for two years, I had a deeper understanding of the ocean. After I learned about sustainable tourism courses and learned more about the protection and planning of the ocean through the curriculum, I realized that our everyday life is so closely related to human protection of coastal ecology. For the marinas of coastal cities and how to protect the coastal habitats, I would like to talk about my feelings and suggestions.
First, there are many terminals in Florida. These terminals are divided into a variety of different functions and use. In this sense, cleaning the terminals is not only for the health of the terminals, but also to ensure that our marine and freshwater environments are sustainable. future. Doing so will not only protect the natural environment but will also promote the surrounding economic growth. In order to achieve its goals, it not only needs the government's policy support but also needs the awareness and consciousness of the citizens. The government's marine protection department can encourage each dock to need some equipment such as sewage, and it also requires that they have the ability to recycle and treat hazardous materials, and it also needs to deal with important environmental issues.
For the protection of coastal habitats, I believe that the ecological construction of the land-sea transitional zone should be carried out to create a land-land ecological buffer zone. Strengthen the construction of environmental protection projects in coastal areas, rationally build protective forests on the embankments, continue to retreat to forests, strengthen the quality of coastal defense forests, gradually transform pure forests into mixed forests, strengthen the management of existing mangrove reserves, and vigorously promote mangrove forests. The rehabilitation of afforestation of bare beach afforestation and secondary mangroves afforestation; accelerate the ecological restoration of mangroves, and build a green barrier that is close to nature, relatively stable, and ecological landscape. Establish more natural reserves and protected areas, and establish a germplasm gene bank to protect precious genetic diversity. For those coasts that have already suffered damage or are undergoing recession, the government should bet on funds and technology for recovery. At the same time, we will pay attention to the livelihoods of the people in areas rich in biodiversity, help them to enhance their capacity for sustainable development, and enhance their ability to protect their traditional culture. Construct coastal habitat ecological parks to protect the original ecological features of the coastal ecology. According to the characteristics of natural landscapes of various coastlines, Coastal Habitat Park is built to protect the habitat of coastal habitats, and people can enjoy the scenery of the original coastal habitats.


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