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Improving Protection of Coastal Habitat and Cultural Heritage

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improving coastal sustainability

Improving Protection of Coastal Habitat and Cultural Heritage

Some people may think that its challenging to improve protection towards the issues that surround coastal habitats and cultural heritage. The thing is most people don’t understand that our oceans face detrimental effects that are leading to the demise of our coastal communities. Each one of our coastal communities plays a vital role in the area to which it belongs (12 Strategies to Protect Coastal Habitat & Marine Environments). Moreover, these coastal communities would benefit best by improvements toward the protection of coastal habitat and cultural heritage around the Tampa Bay area. Tampa Bay is home to hundreds and thousands of people that come through it each year. However, having so much traffic coming through the area can create more disruption throughout the surrounding environmental habitat. Thus, certain aspects must be carefully thought out when dealing with the question, “how can we improve and upkeep the land and its inhabitants”? While living in a sustainable community it is mandatory that certain stipulations need to be met to achieve the overall goal allowing that area to continue being sustainable.

Some things that need to be achieved are the architectural design in which each Bay Area building are geared and constructed to. Moreover, studies have shown that by constructing buildings that are more sustainable have a less risk for disaster reduction, allowing increased protection to the surrounding areas. Another huge issue is many places within the Tampa Bay area over-use energy. When in the long run we can recycle the energy that is being used rather than wasting it. Florida is known as The Sunshine State if more businesses were open to harnessing energy in a more efficient and eco-friendly manner; such as, solar power it would not only help the business to cut costs, but it would also help our environment. There are even problems that are so minuscule as poor judgment, most stores within the Tampa Bay area use plastic bags to give their customers to contain their items. These plastic bags once used, later found only to be thrown around in lakes, rivers, and oceans are not only damaging but killing our marine aquaculture (12 Strategies to Protect Coastal Habitat & Marine Environments). Little problems such as this we tend to overlook and end up causing damaging effects to our environment and its future. Just think a silly plastic bag takes over 500 years to decompose and at the alarming rate that these bags find their way into our environment it isn’t good. In order for changes to occur within our communities people need to be educated on what is going on, how harmful it is, and the little things you can do to help improve not just our communities but our planet as well.

There are programs located in Florida that offer different methods of cleaning their marinas. One of the programs is called The Florida Clean Marina Program. What the program does is encourages different marinas to make sure that they are using the best management practices possible. There are many other designated marina programs located all over Florida. It is important to understand that there are some marinas in Florida that are not considered to be a clean marina. There is a process that it takes to become a clean marina that you must go through to be considered a clean running marina. What marinas first must do is complete a clean marina application and then have an action plan set (Clean Marina). Moreover, this action plan will outline what it will take for them to have a clean marina. However, the facility in which you are trying to make improvements to be a clean marina must meet all environmental criteria, which can be found in the guidebook. The next course of action that needs to take place is, having a facility walkthrough. This will allow the proper people to make sure that your marina is meeting or exceeding the proper standards. Although, administrative approval is needed at the end of the walkthrough to make sure that everything is meeting up to code. This process should take place every 5 years to renew your certification allowing your marina to stay in the program. The Florida Marina Program wants to make sure that all marinas, boatyards, etc. know that they encourage anyone to join.

Moreover, the Florida Clean Marina Program offers numerous benefits which allow these businesses to become a clean marina. One of the benefits that are included is a 10% discount on state land fees. What some people don’t know is that it’s cost-efficient and can save you money in the long run. The reason why it saves you money is; because, by meeting the standards set by the best management practices marinas can recycle their oil and have more energy efficient products. Thus, within the state of Florida there are approximately around 300 clean marinas today (Clean Marina). More companies should think about switching to the Clean Marina Program. Also, it would be in their best interest and it improves our environment in which their marina is located. Every Marina should realize that this program is something that protects our environment from harmful chemicals and they could join and do their part in helping improve our planet. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection wants to make sure that marinas are well informed on the positive changes that they could be made within their communities.

As mentioned previously, the most important thing to remember is that education is key to success when improving protection of coastal habitats and cultural heritage. The reason why education is so important is that many people either don’t understand what’s going on in the area they live in and how it impacts our world, or they simply might not even care (12 Strategies to Protect Coastal Habitat & Marine Environments). However, education allows people to be informed on what the negative impacts that their communities are facing allowing them to pinpoint the problems that need to be addressed. Once they realize the issues that are going on, plans can be designed on how to improve the community to continue to live in a sustainable area or create one. People within communities sometimes understand what’s going on in the world but they put other personal priorities and issues ahead of what’s important to the coastal habit the live near. It is important for cultural heritage to remain intact within the coastal community.

Cultural heritage is something that is vital to the area to which it belongs too. The environment tells a story of what has occurred in the past. Moreover, this allows us to gain knowledge and experience of what has happened and what is most likely to come. It is important to the Tampa Bay community to keep their cultural heritage intact and to make sure that it is around for many more years to come. Tampa Bay communities are slowly changing there build designs and renovating them to keep them intact and around. It is important to builders within Tampa Bay area to make sure they understand what the structure is that they are renovating or building. The Tampa Bay area should see that there are certain areas that are trying to become more sustainable and want to improve their overall coastal protection of the habitat. The Tampa Bay area has many monuments that they want to make sure they keep in good condition. The reason why they want to make sure they keep them in good condition is that the different statues or monuments offer knowledge and understanding of the Tampa Bay area. Also, in other places around the country, their cultural heritages are vital to their community. It is a gift to gain the knowledge growing up about the culture in which you live in. The culture must make sure the area stays within tack and that it is able to benefit the environment and the society.

With what we know about improving protection of coastal habitat and cultural heritage it takes a lot of knowledge and education to gain a proper understanding of what they mean. The key for many different coastal communities is making sure that their coastal habitats are well protected. People within the Tampa Bay area should make sure they understand and are educated on the proper ways to go about protecting the area in which they live in and maintaining it. The marinas located within Tampa Bay should make sure that they are doing their part in creating clean marinas. The Florida Clean Marina Program does offer a lot of benefits to you and the environment. It is key for a lot of boating marinas to make sure they wanting to get educated about the proper steps it will take to become a certified clean marina. Cultural heritage is vital to the Tampa Bay area to keep their buildings up to date and make sure that they are using resources that allow less energy usage. The Tampa Bay area still has some ways to come with improving the protection of its coastal habitats. However, I believe over time they will begin to understand what areas need more work and how to accomplish this task.



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