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The Blue Community Consortium is pleased to partner with and participate in the upcoming online training course on PM4SD (Project Management for Sustainable Development), which offers proven techniques and best practices for managing tourism projects more effectively, using the internationally-recognized PM4SD methodology.

Dr. David Randle, Director of Sustainable Tourism USF Patel College of Global Sustainability is representing the Blue Community and joining other global experts and tourism leaders in this 4-week facilitated and interactive online course.

The course is delivered by TrainingAid, an international tourism training company specialized in sustainable tourism, Foundation for European Sustainable Tourism (FEST) and Jlag Europe, in collaboration with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council and other industry partners.

We encourage you, as a key tourism industry stakeholder, to take advantage of this opportunity to be trained in the PM4SD methodology, and to pursue the official PM4SD professional certificate. As a member of our network, you can register for the course with the special Partner rate (€70 off the regular rate).

If you’d like to join the upcoming course (PM4SD-1802: May 7 – June 1), please see this course page, click on “Attend Course” and register with the discount code: PM4SDJL50

Please see additional information on PM4SD below, including contact information for the course facilitator in case you need any assistance.

I hope you’ll be able to join us!



The Sustainable Development Goals bring new challenges and opportunities for the tourism sector, but we need a next step for transforming the way tourism projects and destinations are managed, funded and made sustainable.

PM4SD has been developed to empower project managers, policy makers and entrepreneurs with tools and techniques to better plan and manage sustainable tourism projects, and to ensure long-term success.

“Sustainable tourism projects must deliver benefits for all stakeholders and achieve lasting impacts, and PM4SD offers a proven approach to effective project management, tailored specifically to the tourism sector.” - Silvia Barbone, Director, Foundation for European Sustainable Tourism (FEST)

Since 2013, 20+ PM4SD training courses have been delivered in over a dozen locations across Europe and beyond. The PM4SD online courses by Jlag and TrainingAid are the first fully online editions of the PM4SD training.

These courses are offered in a 4-week facilitated and interactive online course format, featuring video lessons, tools and resources, group exercises and live presentations. By completing the online course, participants are able to satisfy the requirements towards the official PM4SD exam, administered through APMG International, the leading accreditation and exam institute.

The PM4SD certification is an important benchmark for tourism professionals, demonstrating their abilities to design innovative tourism projects and to deliver successful outcomes and lasting benefits.

To learn more about the PM4SD methodology and training, see this page for detailed information, or contact the course facilitator Ms Ayako Ezaki at


The PM4SD Program

PM4SD - Project Management for Sustainable Tourism is the first methodology and qualification for designing and managing tourism projects with success. The methodology is based on PRINCE2® (Projects In Controlled Environments), a structured method for effective project management, the de facto standard used extensively by the United Kingdom Government and widely recognized and used in the public and private sector worldwide.

PM4SD applies whenever an organization, whether public or private, needs to plan and manage a sustainable tourism initiative. It provides a guarantee for public authorities that the project will be transformed into concrete actions with clearly defined roles and responsibilities, and that these actions will have a real impact on local communities. It helps governments and companies to plan transparently and not to forget that every action must have correspondent benefits. It is a practice to be adopted for participatory, transparent and effective management

The program consists of two parts, the Foundation program and the Practitioner program.

The Foundation training is a three day intensive course designed to provide participants with knowledge and understanding to work effectively within a project management team to successfully deliver a sustainable tourism project. The foundation level training is a prerequisite for the practitioner certification.

The Practitioner Training is a two day intensive course designed to equip participants with the skills to manage and deliver a sustainable project using PM4SD.

A special case study will be presented by Dr. David Randle on the new Villages Nature Paris, a joint venture with Pierre et Vacances and Euro Disney. The project is a global model for sustainable tourism and we will examine the project management.

Prerequisites for the course include participants having at least one of the following:

Current USF PCGS student, staff or faculty
A tourism qualification or currently undertaking a tourism related degree
Relevant experience in the tourism sector
Belong to an organization that is a member of the Blue Community Consortium.
Very good/excellent command of English: all training courses are offered in English as well as the exams
Certificates for successful completion of the course are issued by AMPG International within 2 weeks of receipt of the papers.

Lead trainer: Silvia Barbone, an international expert in sustainable tourism and project management with an extensive knowledge of tourism policies and practices. She is a senior tourism researcher, an experienced project manager, and a certified Lead Trainer in Project Management for Sustainable Development.

She is one of the EU experts selected by the European Commission to implement the European Tourism Indicator System. She is also the developer and the main author of the PM4SDTM “Project Management for Sustainable Development” certification. She works with leading global organizations, including UNWTO, UNESCO, UNEP, European Travel Commission, European Commission, European Parliament, as well as local, regional and national public authorities. Read More

PM4SD Courses are designed to:

CERTIFY competences in sustainable tourism management
MANAGE sustainable tourism projects successfully
TRANSFORM projects into concrete actions
PLAN destination with sustainability
ENHANCE Professional career
BECOME a certified Project Manager for Sustainable Tourism




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