Beijing air pollution over the past month

     On the coming new year 2017, there were full of news about the alarm of air quality. PM2.5 concentrations in Beijing broke 500 micrograms per cubic meter and achieved level 6 air pollution.Tianjin airport was also affected by haze and caused more than 300 flights delay. (Zhuang 2016) PM 2.5 is micron particles’ diameter less than or equal to 2.5 in the atmosphere, it can be inhaled straight to the bronchi and interferes with the gas exchange of lung, causing a series of serious health problems.


     Air pollution is a severe problem in many cities of China and it is usually worse in winter. Visibility was severely limited in some areas, the poor air quality led the government to order some factories, power plants and schools to shut down temporary. Vehicles which gave off a lot of pollution were banned from roads, restrictions were put immediately and hundreds of flights were delayed or canceled. Especially in winter time, cold air inversions in the atmosphere that can trap smog close to the ground and with more coal is burned in cold weather to keep heaters running.


     On contrast, air pollution tigers a revolution on China’s energy consumption and translation. When a big crisis of air pollution happens, the public always criticizes the most important sources of pollution, which including cars, trucks, buses, trains, airplanes, motorcycles, etc. To control the vehicles, especially personal cars that people believe it is the leading cause of traffic jams. Like other big cities, Beijing has an increasing population, job opportunities, housing, the whole city is expanding. Therefore, the city design and transportation planning are significant, local government would encourage people to use public transport to reduce people’s reliance on private cars, In addition, local government put strict regulations on vehicle discharge standard no matter from sales level or maintenance level. A yearly check is required to ensure the vehicle meet the standard of emission. All of the efforts are playing an important role to reduce PM2.5 levels in long term.



     On renewable energy part, China is focusing on energy structure reform. Air pollution is served problem that can not be solved overnight, nature has given human beings sunlight, the wind, rain, tides, waves, and geothermal heat that we can use to produce energy people needed without polluting the environment. If China can insist the right path to developing clean energy, air pollution will no longer exist in the next decade.



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Scott Sanders wrote: 02-01-2017 19:33:05

The pictures of the citizens being forced to wear masks because of the smog are very telling of just how serious the pollution problems are in China. With such a large population, it only intensifies the problem and creates a larger sense of urgency to address the problems as soon as possible.

Rong Wang wrote: 02-01-2017 14:36:01

Many people in other countries know Beijing is suffered very serious pollution, in fact, the whole north area have such a situation, even floated to Guangdong. We heard that from our friends and family. Even looking the pictures of that kind of dirty air makes me feel discomfort. But only Beijing has adopted some policies. Many factories in other parts of the north are still reluctant to reduce the operation. I feel very sad, if our generation put on lung cancer, just as a product of development.