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Sirata Beach Resort Sustainability

The Sirata Beach Resort in St. Pete Beach, Florida is most definitely a step above the rest when it comes to sustainability. The Sirata Beach Resort is an active participating member of the Florida Green Lodging Program, as well as the Keep Pinellas Beautiful “Adopt a Shore” program. The policy at the Sirata Beach Resort is to conserve natural resources through the use of water conserving fixtures, managing and maintaining all environmentally effecting equipment, using high efficiency lighting and recycling as much waste as possible, as a way to decrease their carbon footprint. They hope to serve as an example and challenge to other hotels and suppliers to adopt innovative green practices and conserve resources.

Management has worked to improve recycling, indoor air quality, as well as water management. The established “green team” meets quarterly, but department heads give monthly meetings, to staff, regarding training and environmental initiatives. The Sirata also hosts occasional community environmental events, such as the Adopt a Shore/beach (Keep Pinellas Beautiful) clean up event. Employees are encouraged to perform environmental friendly tasks. This includes recycling, and carpooling. The resort recycles also everything, excluding steel cans and glass bottles, and uses paper straws when possible. Low flow faucets, toilets, and shower heads have been installed in all guest rooms. Guest rooms also include a dehumidifier, and a programmable A/C system.

To help conserve water, a linen and towel re-use is in place. There are also automatic faucets in public restrooms throughout the resort. Reclaimed water is used for irrigation. There are energy efficient programmable thermostats in guestrooms, and motion sensors on balcony doors to shut the A/C off when open. High energy efficient lighting is included in all rooms and public areas. The exterior lighting is on motion sensors. Many public spaces throughout the resort have tinted window which keep the rooms cool in the hot Florida sun. The Sirata Beach Resort has also focused on purchasing recycled content paper good such as napkins, tissue, toilet paper, and paper towels. They are currently in the works of installing waterless urinals in public restrooms, and also an electrolyzer system (water-salt) to replace cleaning chemicals. While the Sirata Beach Resort is not quite a net zero carbon resort, they have been taking great strides to get there.



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