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Clean Marina: Toledo Beach Marina

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Created in 2005, the Michigan Clean Marina Program has brought together over 50 marinas state wide to help reduce and eliminate the release of harmful substances and phase out environmentally damaging practices. This voluntary program is backed by the State of Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and works in cooperation with the Michigan Boating Industry Association, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and Michigan Sea Grant College Program at the University of Michigan and Michigan State University. In order to become a Michigan Clean Marina, participants must complete a 10-step process. This process includes training, a self-evaluation checklist and also a site visit. The benefits of becoming a clean marine include: 

  • Reducing insurance and waste disposal costs
  • Reducing legal liabilities through stricker regulation of equipment and property
  • Reducing pollution and improving water quality
  • Protecting fish and wildlife habitat
  • Free publicity through recognition in press releases, newsletters, and boating guides

On April 3rd, 2017 the Toledo Beach Marina in LaSalle, Michigan became the newest Certified Clean Marina in the state. The marina achieved a three-year contract through 2020. Michigan waterways have been notoriously polluted throughout the southern end of the state where LaSalle is located, but recent efforts have helped to clean up the lakes and improve conditions for boats, swimmers, and fish a like. The Toledo Beach Marina is now leading the way in boat sewage disposal, use of pump-out and dump stations, reducing/eliminating boat litter and fish waste disposal, fueling bilge care, and boat repair and maintenance. 






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