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The suggestion of making Hailuogou-Gletscher better

The suggestion of making Hailuogou-Gletscher better

( Photo by GangDong, 2013)

I had visited Hailuogou-Gletscher in 2013. Hailuogou is located in Luding County, Sichuan Province, the east slope of Gongga mountain is the very high mountain in the eastern margin of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. It is known for its low altitude modern glaciers. It has one of the lowest glaciers that tourists could see compared to most high-level glaciers that harder to seen for tourism. The numbers of the spa are made of the spring water and the large virgin forest are attract many tourists to come. Also, the local Kham Tibetans culture is mysterious to many foreigners. I’d like to say you must visit this kind of place once in your life.

The Hailuogou develop great management to keep its local culture for the tourism, instead of building modern hotels, the government encourages many local families to open their house as the rural hotel, which decreases the impact of building the new structure and saving the cost. Also, tourists could enjoy the traditional culture by living with these friendly people. Also, the food and daily used stuff were produce by local family business, this will make much low education level’s people get a job. The government also focus on protection of the mountains, the garbage recycle is developing more than I thought before, they had many trash classification when we climb the mountain. They trying to keep the influence by human activities as a very low level.

However, during my trip in Hailuogou-Gletscher, it had nearly no good sustainable transports management at all. The most scenic area was control by small local business, the public transports are contracted to the local company, because of they don’t have any idea about sustainable transports management, the management wasn’t good, the bus price is higher than the normal prices and very crowded. Many tourists had to wait for the bus for a long time. And I noticed they could use renewable energy for the bus. So my suggestion is to publish the standard rules for the public transportation and clear statement for the price and schedule for the bus. Also, they should learn from Disney park, to use renewable energy for their transportation. That’s all my suggestion for making this area more sustainable and environmentally friendly.


(This is the picture I took in Hailuogou’s virgin forest.)





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