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Tourism Best Practices

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Tourism has a large part in creating and conserving biodiversity, conserving ecosystems and landscapes through numerous different means. Biodiversity focuses more along the lines of how living things regardless of the environment work together to create a cohesive ecosystem, which is just a community of like things surviving in one area. Lastly landscapes all fit into this as it is just a small part of the ecosystem which is part of the biodiversity. Tourism has a great impact on all three of these different levels in the environment through small and large items alike. In the tourism industry, there are some best practices that would create a conservation sentiment. These best practices range from building materials and practices to the activities offered. In a report written by Business @ Biodiversity they state that “[T]ourism and biodiversity are closely linked both in terms of impacts and dependency. Many times, of tourism rely directly on ecosystem services d biodiversity (ecotourism, agri-tourism, wellness tourism, adventure tourism, etc.)” (Business @ Biodiversity ). This article goes in depth into discussing just the importance of the conservation of all three environmental sectors. They suggest having a sustainable plan since the beginning regarding construction of any physical locations to make sure it meets government guidelines but also managing to use as many sustainable means as possible. Beyond that, they discuss how there is importance of promoting biodiversity, different ecosystems that one is not used to and lastly embracing all types of landscapes but being respectful of nature. The general promotion of integrating tourism into the environment is one of the strongest practices one can suggest next to making sure that any structure is built sustainability. The tourism sector can promote educational means of showing and teaching through different activities just the importance of the different ecosystems to our overall environment and how important each landscape plays into this overall environment. Taking into consideration all of this, the tourism industry has a great opportunity to make a difference in the ecosystems found across the planet. Tourism would benefit from making understanding all of these different levels from breaking it down to them and showing how much fun, it can be to be involved in these different environments, all the while doing no harm to them or even helping out to promote the betterment of them.




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