How to establish contact between people and the coast

Two years of living in Tampa Bay brought me deeper feelings about the sea. After studying the efforts made by sustainable tourism for coastal protection and related plans, I think that the protection of coastal ecology is closely related to our daily life. Because life originated in the ocean, my emotional connection with the sea is more intense. I think that being the most insignificant thing in life can often help us improve our coastal environment. I think how to cultivate the attention of the general public to the marine environment. According to the blue mind, the most important thing is to express emotions from the heart, so I would like to publish some of my own opinions on how to build the ocean or coast to my own emotions and publish some of them. The small things we can do today to improve Tampa's coastal environment are not damaged.

First of all, I think the most important thing in establishing an emotional link is a specific carrier that can remind you of the ocean or coastal ecosystem. For example, we can take the example of the most basic marine life. The name marine life is no stranger to the residents of Tampa, and it is more commonly seen, such as seagulls, dolphins and even sea turtles. After all, no one can stand up to these cute animals. From this point of view, it can be well introduced that the consequences of the destruction of the coastal or marine ecological environment will make people pay more attention to the seriousness of the problem. If we can make more posters or public interest videos in this way, we can better attract the attention of the society. At the same time, I think that the use of marine life as a protagonist can also play a role in attracting younger people and thus become more entertaining.

Returning to the plan for protecting the coastal environment, I think that there is a very good regulation on restricting the use of plastic bags in California. Of course, it is not optimistic for the current Florida government. Therefore, the use of canvas bags still needs more time to spread. Of course, I think this also does not affect the relevant proposals for plastic bag charges. I feel that many times the public does not choose to use eco bags because of the lack of knowledge about the harmful effects of plastic bags on the marine environment, but because this has become a This phenomenon, no one is willing to come out from the comfort zone to make changes. Therefore, the charges for plastic bags can effectively force people to step out of the traditional comfort zone. This way, they can also play a positive role in promoting the protection of the coastal environment. Finally, I hope that some of the points in my article can give you some inspiration and help. In the end, I shared an article I shared earlier about the poisoning of plastic bags for the marine environment for your reference.


Article: Where plastic goes, coral diseases follows



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Kim Jackson wrote: 04-04-2018 20:00:29

Just making a connection between plastic bags and the health of the coastal environment might be a new realization that promotes curiosity for the general public. The amount of educational lobby work done to get California's plastic bag restrictions in place must have had numerous unintended benefits. The photo of the plastic bag stuck in the turtle's mouth during our lecture was very powerful and would certainly force people out of the comfort zones you mention.