2009 Goldman Prize for Islands & Island Nations: Yuyun Ismawati

As waste management problems mount throughout the Indonesian archipelago, Yuyun Ismawati implements sustainable community-based waste and sanitation management programs that provide employment opportunities to low-income people and empower them to improve the environment.

The Goldman Environmental Prize is the world's largest award for grassroots
environmentalists. Awarded annually since 1990, the Prize is given to environmental heroes from the six continental regions of Africa, Asia, Islands & Island Nations, Europe,
North America and South & Central America.

The Prize is announced in April every year, to coincide with the international
celebration of Earth Day. It includes a trip to San Francisco to accept the cash award of $150,000 per winner. Recipients receive a bronze sculpture that interprets the crosscultural motif of a snake with its tail in its mouth. Known as the ouroboros, this symbol is associated with nature's powers of renewal.

The purpose of the Prize is to recognize sustained and significant efforts to preserve the natural environment, including, but not limited to, protecting endangered ecosystems and species combating destructive development projects; promoting sustainability; influencing environmental policies;and striving for environmental justice.

Learn more at http://www.goldmanprize.org



Randle, D. (2011). 2009 Goldman Prize for Islands & Island Nations: Yuyun Ismawati. Retrieved from http://www.bluecommunity.info/view/video/171836


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