Ashley Zoeller

Ashley Zoeller is a Sustainability Programs Consultant for the Blue Community Consortium. She holds a Master of Science in Sustainable Design from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

Receiving her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Pennsylvania State University in Letters Arts and Sciences, Ashley began building her network in project and event management for over a decade in higher education, technology, hospitality, wellness, entertainment, and nonprofit sectors. 

Her career began in event coordination as the Marketing Manager and Donor Liaison with Planning and Publicity by Tracy Tomchick, navigating event planning in the non-profit sector with groups such as the Camden’s Children’s Garden, and Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia. 

Expanding in event projects, Ashley joined Drexel University event team coordinating commencement, convocation ceremonies, and later Drexel Green’s sustainability committee’s meetings and events. Her role quickly began evolving into a hybrid position within the Real Estate and Space Management division as the Event and Space Management Logistics Coordinator, also supporting the SLAS executive team. During her time at Drexel University she served on the board of League of Women’s Voters Philadelphia elected 2nd Vice President from 2015-2016.

Presented with an opportunity to develop event projects in the San Francisco Bay area, Ashley relocated and gained a wealth of experience in wedding planning, free-lance private event planning in entertainment, and project management with technology conglomerates such as AMD. 

Returning to the east coast to advocate for her grandmother’s care, Ashley facilitated team building events, online wellness events, and managed projects for small businesses in the Philadelphia tristate area. Simultaneously, exploring dementia related research projects and focus groups to advocate for the elderly community as her grandmother was diagnosed dementia. 

Apprenticing with Locust Light Apothecary Farm for the 2020-2021 season created a total shift in perspective, integrating a holistic approach in career, education, personal relationships and community. Building a life congruent with nature, becoming more in tune with natures processes sparked a clear path in building a future with sustainability principles as a driving force. The long-term goal to create a sustainable farm community began to formulate and continues to this day. 

Entering the Sustainable Design program at TJU provided Ashley with the technological resources, mentors, resource tools, and educational community to navigate transdisciplinary facilitation in sustainability project management.  

Ashley is driven to strengthen community engagement, create equitable opportunity, support local economies, and advocate for marginalized groups. Continuing to provide viable solutions in closing the loop in more sustainable processes. 

Waste is an outdated and archaic concept, it’s imperative to shift perspectives from waste to a valuable resource, it simply requires accountability and creativity to provide workable solutions.