Frank Hetherton

Frank Hetherton

Frank was born in Dublin Ireland 1952.

While studying in high school he became fluent in French by the age of 18.

He went on to study architecture in University College Dublin and graduated in 1976 and later becoming a member of the Royal Institute of British architects. 

The 1973 oil crisis caused Frank to focus on sustainable design from a very early date during the study years. Frank has a particular interest in vernacular architecture and has enjoyed a very rich and varied international career as architect and the master planner working in many parts of the world such as the United States, France, United Kingdom, Belgium, the Middle East, and West Africa. 

The work has involved large-scale urban renewal projects, new city planning, and during the last 20 years of his career he was a director for resort development with Walt Disney Imagineering.

In this capacity with Walt Disney Imagineering, he was responsible for the masterplanning and architectural design of resort projects in Anaheim California and Paris France.  He also directed the master planning and design for the award winning Villages Nature destination, said to be the most sustainable resort in the world.

Frank also served as Senior Manager Euro Disney where he was responsible for the Urban Planning and architecture team for all design work on the 2000 hectare masterplan including the creation of the new town of Val de Europe

Some of the major projects Franky had a key leadership role include the following:

• Urban Renewal Sheffield, Leeds and Barking UK

• Villages Nature Paris France

• New Town of Val d’Europe

• Small Hospital Doha Qatar

• Large industrial facilities in Ireland

• Resort development at Disneyland Paris, Disneyland Anaheim California and Walt Disney World Florida. 

Frank divides his time between homes in Paris and Sardinia. Other interests are playing the harp, sketching and travel.