David Randle

Awards & Certficates

University of Michigan

Leading People & Teams Specialization - August, 2020

University of Michigan

Leading People & Teams Capstone - August, 2020

University of Michigan

Leading Teams - July, 2020

UNiveristy of Michigan

Managing Talent - June, 2020

University of Michigan

Influencing People - July, 2020

UNiversity of Michigan

Inspiring & Motivating Individuals - June 2020

Universit of Michigan Community Engagement: Collaborating for Change

Developing a Systems Mindset

University of Michigan

Brilliant Passionate You

Transforming communities

Climate Action Solutions

for A Changing Planet

The Age oF Sustainable Development

Environmental Security
And Sustaining Peace

Human Rights, Human Wrongs

APMG Internatonal

PM4SD Practitioner

Clmate Action Solutions

For A Changing Planet

Feeding A HungerY Planet

Agriculture, NUtrition, & Sustainability

Sustainble Cities

One planet One Ocean
From Science to Solutions

Climate Change

SCience & Negotiations

The Age of

Sustainable Development

Planetary Boundaries And

HUman Opportunities

Leadership Development

The Disney

Approach to Orientation

Staff Instructor
National Tai Chi Chuan Associtation