Harmony Liu

Harmony Liu - Blue Community Youth Ambassador

Harmony is a high school student in New York, and a strong advocate for ocean protection, restoration, and enhancement.

She has been a free lance reporter on a number of issues regarding public policy and the United Nations.

At her young age she has already received a number of awards including but not limited to:


  • White House Gold Meadow Volunteer Award presented by U.S. Representative Tom Suozzi. - November, 2021

  • “Empower Writing Award ” of National Poem contest by Young Writer Organization

  • Outstanding award of youth ambassador & speaker on youth perspectives on climate change at an event held in Glasgow, Scotland in relation to COP26

  • Outstanding Talent Award in a contest Supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals(SDG) for her Initiative to protect the Ocean (SDG’s 13) presented by the People’s Committee of United Nations NGO

  • Appointed as special youth correspondent for Wall Street Internet TV by Miss UN SDG’s Committee.


  • Volunteer award from New York City Mayor Eric Adam’s campaign office

  • Letter of recognition from the World Health Organization and UNICEF for her initiative in organizing 42nd classmates from Junior high school to donate pocket money to UN WHO and UNICHIEF for China and USA for COVID relief - March, 2021

  • Received a letter from the director of UN Global Communications on behalf of Under Secretary General Melisa Flaming, for her leadership as young people dedicated and passionate about the Sustainable Development Goals, and raising awareness.


  • Awarded the "Chorus Music Outstanding Performance Award”. by the New York Music Teachers Association!

In the past Harmony has volunteered time for both Congressman Tom Suozzi, former Congressman Lester Wolfe, and New York Mayor Eric Adams.

Her academic passions and her hobbies and include writing, poetry, video editing, latin dance, piano, and the Chinese harp.