Car vs Bike Carbon Calculator

In hundreds of cities all around the globe, people are beginning to swap their cars for bikes to pedal their way through the urban jungle. And for good reason! Once you leave your car in the garage and hop on two wheels, your life is guaranteed to improve. Biking keeps you in shape, doesn't emit air pollutants, and you saves time and money. Also, you will no longer get frustrated when you are stuck in a traffic jam!

You've heard that all before, no doubt. But did you ever wonder what would be the effect of you swapping the car for a bike for, let's say, five years? How much longer would you live? How much CO₂ would you not emit? How much money would stay in your bank account?

This Car vs. Bike Calculator will answer all of these burning questions. You won't have to guess anymore; in just a few seconds, you can determine the effect cycling would have on your life - and convert the hours spent on a bike into trees or additional hours of life.

Have fun using the calculator, and remember: don't drive, bike! 🚴

How can I get the most out of this calculator?

We created this calculator for one specific reason: to show you the benefits of switching from a car to a bike for your daily commute. This is why you need to input some information about your daily route and the car that you usually drive. The information we need is:

But my car is environmentally friendly!

The benefits of swapping your car for a bike are also dependent on your car. You need to specify the following features:

How cycling helps you, and the planet

Now, we're getting to the most valuable part of this calculator - the benefits of biking! Naturally, we didn't mention intangible benefits, such as the pure joy of cycling. Still, we're proud to present a wide selection of bike-related improvements for both your life and your environment.

It doesn't get easier, you just get faster

If you really love our calculator, make sure to open the advanced mode for some extra options! This way, you can adjust the calculations to suit your situation and get even better results. The additional options include:

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