7. Promote Local Organic or Hydroponic Food

As energy and food costs continue to rise, the attractiveness of sustainable tourism resorts producing some of their own food increases.

Organic and hydroponic food offer great benefits to the destination or community that produces such food.

Organic and hydroponic food have many benefits over traditional agriculture including:

  • reduction of water. Hydroponics use less than 1/10 the water as traditional agriculture

  • reduction in energy costs as local food does not need the long transport costs.

  • increase in freshness of food as it can be delivered locally faster, daily in most cases

  • strenthens the local economy as the food is produced in the local areas and purchased in the local area.

  • helps prevent soil erosion both with less fertilizers and in the case of hydraponics not planting int he ground.

  • uses less land. In the case of hydraponics the same amount of food can be grown on 1/14th the land

  • reduces pollution in the water ways as fertilizers are used in a fraction of the amounts of traditional agriculture or not at all.

  • provides a local food supply in the event of a disaster thus making mitigation and recovery quicker.