Chris Harris

Sustainable Agriculture and Plastic Reduction Specialist

Chris Harris

Chris Harris holds a BA from Weber State University after studying Sustainable Agriculture Instruction, Spanish and Intercollegiate Debate. He has studied and taught Biointensive sustainable agriculture, both domestically and internationally. He served as Program Coordinator for a Refugee Agriculture Promotion Project for Salt Lake County as well as running his own gardening business. He has also volunteered extensively on local trail construction through the Ogden Weber Pathways and the Trails Foundation.

Since 2010, he has been involved in the promotion and development of a zero emission vehicle kit, advancing the work of Dr. Andy Schoenberg and David Jones on the “Sunzeecar Eco-Trike.” There work on a “plug and play” circuit board-based electrical system for highway and urban vehicles, and a catalog of open -sourced machining & design specifications as well as assembly manuals.

A lover of sports and physical challenge, Chris is an avid telemark skier (skiing without poles), and volunteer ski patroller. He is a committed bare-foot hiker and hot springs advocate, newly involved in the Waterkeeper Alliance, exercising vigilance over rivers in Northern Utah.

Chris’ study of meditation led him to study and teach martial arts and “Vibravision” meditation techniques at MP-USA. He also owns a mineral supplement “wild-crafting” business, stewarding a rare and precious natural resource, Stone Blood Shilajit.

Recently Chris has promoted and done outreach for Vortechs Management and their plastics solution, the “trash engine”, an efficient village scale solution for mixed plastics pyrolysis and recycling. By incentivizing investors and recycling services alike through the manufacturing of synthetic oil from mixed waste plastics (without shredding, cleaning or sorting) this technology offers a paradigm shift away from both new petroleum extraction as well as current plastics mitigation efforts.