Justin Farrow

Chief Technology Director

Justin Farrow is focused on building communities around collaborative mitigation of sustainability issues, both on land and at sea... He is definitely not your average webmaster. A former graduate student and Professor's Assistant to Dr. Randle at Patel College of Global Sustainability at University of South Florida. As a graduate student, Justin was the Webmaster for Patel College of Global Sustainability while he earned a Masters in Sustainable Tourism and a Masters for Entrepreneurship in Sustainability. As an undergraduate student, he earned both a Bachelors Degree in Cultural Anthropology and a Bachelors Degree in Philosophy & Religious Studies from the College of Charleston. Justin has been on the Board for Blue Community, Waves of Change and the Whale Center since 2014 and serves as the Chief Technology Director for Blue Community programs and initiatives.

Justin routinely steps in to help sustainability startups and organizations that do good with Website development, mobile apps, Presentations and Search Engine Optimization related issues in order to help push sustainability forward. He has spoken at TEDx , served as webmaster and event coordinator for Blue Ocean Film Festival in St. Petersburg, FL. and helped countless entrepreneurs reach their vision with his assistance on the web and beyond.

Since 2007, Justin has built online communities, mobile apps and websites for both small businesses and organizations around the world. Here are a few of the projects which may be of interest: