Sustainability Assessment

Blue Community Assessment is a first step toward developing a baseline for a results oriented program needed for forming a meaningful Sustainability Management Plan which inspires action and commitment.

Before you begin, remember to save your progress along the way. You'll find the edit link inside your email to return to the form- then just go back to where you left off. We look forward to learning about your sustainability efforts and examples.

Community Assessment

The Blue Community assessment includes a variety of metrics including all of the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria for destination, the UNWTO Sustainable Tourism Observatory metrics, the One Planet Living Principles, The Blue Community strategies co-developed with the Walt Disney Company, and the science of the 9 planetary boundaries. The completion of the assessment provides baseline indicators for the online sustainability planning of the process.

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Hotels and Resorts Assessment

Blue Community Assessment for Acccommodations, Hotels and Resorts. It is our hope that this survey will provide the opportunity to showcase your sustainable tourism initiatives and give you insight into areas where you can challenge your organization to pursue even higher sustainability standards.

17 Sections, 376 Questions

For the Destinations Assessment

STEP ONE: Start by completing and please remember to "Save your Progess" after each section to insure that all of your data is recorded. You can also open the form full screen here.

STEP TWO: Once we receive your FULL submission, we will build a mobile app for you to utilize for editing your entered data. This app will be restricted to the person who initially submitted data on behalf of the destination. That person will be able to add leaders of other departments to the app in order to allow the most accurate data to be entered.

STEP THREE: Your data will be added to our Blockchain and will be made available to other administrative personnel added to the Blockchain associated with your destination or community.

You will look for this button inside the app to edit your information already submitted.