Flight Carbon Footprint Calculator

Flight CO₂ emission formula

As much as the planes are efficient, the distances traveled are large, so the emissions of CO₂ are large as well. It's estimated that from 1 kg of fuel there is more than 3 kg CO₂ emitted. To compute the emissions, we take in the account the following factors:

The final formula is

Emitted CO2 = Duration_of_flight * Emission_per_hour_per_passenger * Radiative_forcing / Seat_occupancy

If you fly there and back you have to double the emission. We can do it for you. Just change the Flight option from One-way to Return.

Flight Carbon footprint

Choose your holiday destination, and you got a bunch of tonnes of the CO₂. What does it mean? To put this number in a context, let's get back to the beginning. Why do we care about the CO₂ emissions? Because of the global warming. CO₂ is a greenhouse gas meaning that once it is high in the atmosphere it works like a ceiling of the greenhouse: it lets the heat in but does not let it out. The IPCC estimated that to keep the global warming under some control, the increase of the average temperature by 2 degrees in the year 2050, emission per every person on the earth must stay below 2500 kg of the CO₂. Annually.

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Miłosz Panfil, PhD