12. Planning, Policy, and Management

Planning, policy, and management are the trail map, guide, and logistical preparations, for a successful journey to sustainable tourism.

Like any adventure even the best plans, analysis, and preparations at times need to be modified to meet changing circumstances.

Planning including goals and objectives for sustainable tourism need to include major issues such as:

  • Energy

  • Waste Management

  • Transportation

  • Food

  • Water

  • Land Use

  • Health & Safety

  • Productive Workforce

Walt Disney World® provides a modell for planning, policy, and management.

Some sample planning guidelines include:

  • Goals to promote wildlife habitat conservation through cooperative efforts with scientific and academic communities and organizations committed to preserving the Earth’s biodiversity and ecosystem functions.

  • Goals to effectively plan and manage conservation lands for the conservation of native plant and animal species and to integrate conservation into future planning, development, and operations activities.

  • Setting aside nearly one third of the 25,000 acres at Walt Disney World to be set aside for wildlife and conservation.

Long term environmental policy goals include:

Some Sample Interim Goals include:

  • Waste- By 2013, decrease tons of solid waste to landfill to 50% of 2006 baseline level- By 2013, increase percentage of purchases that include post-consumer recycled material

  • Climate & Energy- By 2012, achieve 50% of goal through a combination of reductions, efficiencies and offsets- By 2013, reduce electricity consumption by 10% compared to 2006 baseline in existing assets- Develop plan to aggressively pursue renewable sources of electricity to reduce emissions from electricity

  • Ecosystems- By 2010, develop and implement an integrated approach to design, engineering and habitat protection for all new construction projects- Increase the level of support from the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund each year for the next 5 years

A sample of management philosophy is presented below in this interview with Walt Disney Co CEO Bob Iger.