SIDS4 Side Event ID 104 

Wednesday May 29th 

10:00 am Room 2

Restoring Coastal Community Economies Through Innovative Technologies, Coastal Resilience, and Restoration


This panel  will provide an  introductory presentation and discussion tailored for policymakers, decision makers, investors/finance institutes, and other stakeholders committed to catalyzing actionable strategies for coastal resilience.

Beginning with an examination of historical satellite remote sensing data, we'll introduce innovative technology to understand system dynamics that drive coastal evolution. Transitioning to predictive earth system modeling, we'll showcase the power of anticipating and mitigating climate-induced coastal vulnerabilities and risks.

This approach allows for the development of feasible adaptation pathways. Central to our discussion is the imperative of a consultative approach, where scientific rigor converges with community perspectives to inform policy formulation.

Through practical case studies and expert dialogue, attendees will gain invaluable insights into operationalizing this tiered approach to drive decision-making regarding coastlines and natural capital within policy frameworks. Join us in charting a course towards sustainable coastal adaptation, shaping policies that safeguard vulnerable communities and ecosystems in SIDS and beyond.

Greg Murphy

Greg is the Coastal Resilience lead for Fugro in the Americas, where he implements a Climate and Nature strategy to help partners prepare for the future. Fugro is an industry leader in providing geo-data insights by mapping, modeling, and monitoring information about our planet and the structures built upon it. Greg’s experience has spanned policy, industry and entrepreneurship, and his focus is on building long-term partnerships that benefit ocean health, build coastal resilience and create economic opportunity.


Dr.  Cheryl Hapke

Principal Consultant, Coastal Resilience, Fugro

Cheryl is a coastal geologist with more than 25 years of experience studying coastal climate risk and resilience. Dr. Hapke worked for 2+ decades with the USGS as a research scientist, and now is a Principal Consultant in Coastal Resilience with Fugro. She studies coastal processes and works with decision-makers impacted by the challenges of coastal climate risk and resilience, which include municipalities, private coastal facilities, insurers, government entities, and other stakeholders. Dr. Hapke has extensive experience overseeing and managing large projects and coordinating across diverse groups of stakeholders and partners.

Dr. Deborah Brosnan

President, Deborah Brosnan & Associates; Founder, OceanShot 

Dr. Brosnan is an ocean climate-resilience scientist and visionary eco-leader reshaping the fight against environmental and climate hurdles. Bridging sectors from finance to government, she's a powerhouse interlocutor turning challenges into opportunities for businesses, communities, and our planet. From her native Ireland to the US and Caribbean, her journey echoes dedication, passion, perseverance, and personal resilience surviving both a plane crash and volcanic eruption – a true force of nature.

Representative of the government of Antigua Barbuda - TBD


    Restoring Coastal Community Economies through Coastal Resilience & Restoration

This panel will share the Blue Community program for building the tourist economy for coastal communities  through a variety of coastal resilience and restoration strategies, and new financing methods through investment partners.

Some of its key features or the Blue Community programs and services include:

Dr. David W. Randle is Managing Director of the Blue Community Consortium

Ed Chiles is the founder and of Chiles Hospitality, Gulf Shellfish Institute, and All Clams on Deck

Carter Henne is President of Sea And Shoreline

Carter Henne has worked in both the public and private sectors to create healthy aquatic environments that support the unique species that depend on these critical habitats.  In 2014, he co-founded Sea & Shoreline LLC, where he has since served as President.  He sits on the Seagrass Technology and Restoration Innovation Task Force, a delegate reviewer for the Ocean Exchange, and serves on the management board of the Indian River Lagoon National Estuary Council. His expertise lies in seagrass aquaculture, aquatic habitat restoration, nature based solutions, marine contracting, and coastal resiliency.  He has extensive experience transforming algae-based aquatic ecosystems into healthy, plant-based ecosystems.

His mission of implementing sustainable, nature-based solutions is balanced with meeting stakeholder needs to foster community involvement.  His approach to aquatic restoration has earned him accolades and esteem in the scientific community for his innovative methods and organizational leadership. Under Carter’s leadership, Sea & Shoreline implements novel transformational restoration projects.

Doug Heske is founder and CEO of Newday