Carter Henne

Carter Henne is President of Sea and Shoreline, one of the lartest coastal restoration companies in the state of Florida.

Carter is a biologist and is responsible for scientific research and innovative solutions to address water quality and coastal resiliency.

He is a native Floridian with a passion for creating self-sustaining natural aquatic ecosystems through scientifically validated restoration methods. 

Carter completed undergraduate studies in Biology at the University of South Florida and held positions with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute and Seagrass Recovery where he was Chief Biologist and Project Manager for some of the largest and most successful Florida seagrass projects to date.

Carter has worked in both the public and private sectors to create healthy aquatic environments that support the unique species that depend on these critical habitats.  In 2014, he co-founded Sea & Shoreline LLC, where he has since served as President.  He sits on the Seagrass Technology and Restoration Innovation Task Force, a delegate reviewer for the Ocean Exchange, and serves on the management board of the Indian River Lagoon National Estuary Council. His expertise lies in seagrass aquaculture, aquatic habitat restoration, nature based solutions, marine contracting, and coastal resiliency.  He has extensive experience transforming algae-based aquatic ecosystems into healthy, plant-based ecosystems.

His mission of implementing sustainable, nature-based solutions is balanced with meeting stakeholder needs to foster community involvement.  His approach to aquatic restoration has earned him accolades and esteem in the scientific community for his innovative methods and organizational leadership. Under Carter’s leadership, Sea & Shoreline implements novel transformational restoration projects.